Performance and parameters of the coarse filter in the paint room


    The coarse-effect filter is the primary filtration of the air-conditioning system. It is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm. The primary-effect filter is divided into three types: plate type, folding type, and bag type. So what kind of performance and parameters should the coarse filter have in the application of the paint booth?

    The filter material of the coarse-effect filter in the paint baking room uses high-quality filter cotton to form a closed dust removal space in the paint room. The materials it contains can give certain airflow mixing conditions according to different use environments.

    Coarse filter

    Technical parameters of the coarse filter

    1. Principle: filter press;

    2. Purpose: air filter;

    3. Style: bag style;

    4. Applicable object: air;

    5. Appropriate object attributes materials with high hygiene requirements;

    6.Main material: long fiber non-woven fabric;

    7. Scope of application: chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, light industry, food, electroplating, and other industries.

    The principle of coarse filter performance

    1. One of the chemical fiber and natural fiber that the equipment must use.

    2. The characteristic of the equipment is the permeability of the filter material. The filter bag is 1000 3 cm per roll, 1-30 grams of material, and the materials under the mixed airflow condition are mixed together. There are 5 cm/3g-100 cm3/g to choose from.

    3. The chemical fiber and cellulose fiber of the equipment, or one of viscose fiber and synthetic fiber.

    4. The unit mass of the equipment is required to be accurate, and the material selected according to different requirements must include at least one fiber and chip.

    5. If you choose polyolefin synthetic fiber, polyester, polyacrylonitrile, and polyvinyl alcohol.

    The above is an introduction to the parameters and performance of the coarse-efficiency filter in the paint baking room. In addition, the primary-efficiency filter is also widely used in biopharmaceuticals, semiconductors, clean rooms, and other places that have certain requirements for air cleanliness. To learn more about air filtration, you can pay attention to Guangzhou Rongteng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.