About Mini pleated HEPA filter specification efficiency size introduction


    What is a mini pleated HEPA filter? It is mainly used to purify air-conditioning system and the end filtration of local purification equipment to filter the particulate dust larger than 0.1~0.5μm in the atmosphere. There are three main types of filtration efficiency. The filtration efficiency is ≥99.99%, 99.999%@≥0.5μm, 99.999%@≥0.1μm (sodium flame method) and above efficiency or European standard H13, H14, U15 and above efficiency.

    The outer frame of the Mini pleated HEPA filter is laminated wood, galvanized sheet, aluminum profile, stainless steel plate; filter material: glass fiber material. With this structure, the filter material is made of multiple pleats to form a ventilation air channel, which increases the area of ​​the filter material and the air supply volume, and reduces the air supply resistance; it has a compact structure, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, and wind speed. Good uniformity, strong versatility, convenient installation and other advantages. Temperature: -20~~90℃, humidity: paper partition ≤85%, aluminum partition ≤95%, air filtration with slightly acid and alkali.

    Mini pleated HEPA filter maintenance rules: regularly check whether the air inlet surface of the filter is blocked by debris and whether the surface of the filter material is damaged; if something blocks the surface, it should be removed; if the surface of the filter material is seriously damaged, it must be plugged; If the surface damage cannot be repaired, a new filter must be replaced; when the high-efficiency filter is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the sealing edge of the frame body is good to prevent air volume leakage; heavy objects cannot be used to hit the surface of the filter, Do not use force to pull the surface of the filter material; when installing, the pressure should be even at the frame around the filter; high efficiency must be ensured

    The filter has a filter with efficiency above F8 as a pre-filter to protect the high-efficiency filter.

    The life of the Mini pleated HEPA filter: under the rated airflow conditions, a new filter needs to be replaced after 1 year-1 and a half years; or when the resistance of the filter reaches 600Pa or more, a new filter must be replaced; such as high-efficiency filtration If there is no filter above F8 as pre-filter in front of the filter, the life cycle will be greatly reduced.