The composition, characteristics and standard size of the primary effect paper frame filter


    The primary effect paper frame filter is mainly suitable for filtering particles with a diameter of 5μm. The filter material is made of domestic non-woven fabric, glass fiber, and synthetic fiber through the special blending of imported polyester fiber, wedge-shaped folding shape to enlarge the filter area, and high-strength cardboard frame to make a plate structure. The filter material can be synthetic fiber or glass fiber, and the material can be customized according to customer requirements. His advantage lies in its durability and is mainly used for primary filtration of central air conditioning.

    The composition of the primary effect paper frame filter:

    [Frame] Use moisture-proof and water-resistant virgin pulp wood fiber cardboard, die-cutting processing, lightweight and easy installation.

    [Sealing] The internal filter material and the frame adopt bonding technology to ensure the tightness of the filter and prevent air leakage.

    [Filter material] After special finishing treatment, the galvanized iron mesh is attached to the air outlet surface of the filter material to protect the filter material from being blown, prevent the filter material from deforming due to wind pressure, and prevent the non-woven fiber from breaking and flying. Sub-pollution, to ensure that all filter surfaces are fully utilized.

    The pleated fiber filter material is lined with single-sided wire mesh. Beautiful appearance. The structure is sturdy and durable. Generally, the cardboard frame is used to manufacture non-standard filters, which can be used for the production of filters of any specifications, with high strength and not suitable for deformation. High-strength felt and cardboard are used to manufacture standard-specification filters, which are characterized by high specification accuracy, beautiful appearance, and low cost. If imported surface fiber or synthetic fiber filter material is used, its performance indicators can reach or exceed similar products of imported filters.

    The characteristics of the primary effect paper frame filter:

    The filter has low initial resistance and large dust holding capacity.

    1: Long service life and high economy.

    2: Product replacement is convenient.

    3: Low operating energy consumption.

    4: Mainly filter large particles of dust, suitable for pre-filtration of ordinary fresh air outlets and primary filtration of air conditioning systems.

    5: The filtration efficiency for 5μm dust particles is above 90%.

    6: Convenient waste disposal, meeting environmental protection requirements.

    Standard size of primary effect paper frame filter:

    The standard depth of the paper frame filter is 1 inch, 2 inches, 4 inches, etc., and its filter area is 5 times that of a general flat filter, which can be used to protect the middle and HEPA filters in the rear section of the air conditioning system. Common standard sizes (inches") are: RT-12*24*1, RT-20*20*1, RT-20*24*1, RT-24*24*1, RT-12*24*2, RT-20*20*2, RT-20*24*2, RT-24*24*2, RT-12*24*4, RT-20*20*4, RT-20*24*4, RT- 24*24*4 and so on.

    The above is the interpretation of the composition, characteristics and standard size of the primary effect paper frame filter. Choosing a good primary effect paper frame filter can not only ensure its own filtering effect, but also better protect the medium and high efficiency behind the initial effect. Filters can greatly save maintenance costs for a long time.