The purpose of the primary high-temperature resistant filter


    In the air purification industry, in order to maintain air cleanliness in high-temperature environments, air filter manufacturers have developed high-temperature resistant filters. High-temperature-resistant filters are mainly used in high-temperature environments and are mainly divided into high-temperature-resistant plate filters and high-temperature-resistant high-efficiency filters according to the filtration efficiency level. Today, we mainly talk to you about the use of primary high-temperature resistant filters.

    The primary high-temperature resistant filter is the high-temperature resistant plate filter. It is generally used for primary filtration in places where high temperatures are required for painting and spraying. It is also suitable for special environments with acid and alkali odors. The primary high-temperature resistant filters generally use long glass fibers for filtering. The material is fixed with an aluminum expansion net, which can withstand high temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius.

    Design features of the primary high-temperature resistant filter:

    1. The fiber has good strength and elasticity, and the filter materials are not compressed together due to wind resistance, which affects the dust holding capacity.

    2. Filter temperature resistance: 300℃.

    3. Performance characteristics: a. The filter has high chemical resistance and cost-effectiveness, better heat resistance, and low moisture absorption; b. The filter has high dust holding capacity, long use time, and is not non-combustible.

    4. It is made of domestic or long glass fiber and laminated in a non-woven way.

    5. The filter material is laid flat on the filter, with 40-20 mesh metal mesh on both sides, and then a large grid is used for support.

    6. Filter category: G3, F4.

    The main purpose of the primary high-temperature resistant filter is to filter the tar, soot, dust, and other particles in the high-temperature drying room so as not to damage the surface oil of the article. Ventilation and filtration system for automotive spraying barn, high-tech electronics, military aerospace coatings with high fire protection requirements, and high-temperature environments.

    The above is a brief introduction to the initial high-temperature resistant filter. If you want to know more about air filters, you can pay attention to Guangzhou Rongteng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.