Can the paper frame pre-filter replace the aluminum frame pre-filter?


    The primary air filter is mainly used for the primary filtration in the air conditioning system, mainly for the filtration of particles above 5 microns, dust, and various suspended solids. It has the characteristics of large air volume, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, and long service life.

    The primary effect filter has many advantages, but because it is in the early stage of the filter, the frequency of replacement is very high, and the replaced primary air filter is discarded. Caused a great waste of resources.

    The conventional primary air filter uses an aluminum profile or galvanized iron as the outer frame. If you can't make the repeated use of the outer frame, it is recommended that you use a paper-frame primary filter. The outer frame of the paper frame air filter is composed of a solid waterproof board to fix the folded filter material. The diagonal design on the outer frame can provide a large filtering area and make the inner filter material tightly adhere to the outer frame. The surroundings of the filter are glued to the outer frame with special professional adhesive glue, which can prevent air leakage or damage caused by wind pressure.

    The outer frame of the disposable paper frame filter is generally divided into a general hard paper frame and high-strength die-cut cardboard. The filter element is a pleated fiber filter material lined with a single-sided wire mesh. Beautiful appearance. The structure is sturdy and durable. Generally, the cardboard frame is used to manufacture non-standard filters, which can be used for the production of filters of any specifications, with high strength and not suitable for deformation.

    Don't be prejudiced against the primary filter of the paper frame. This kind of high-strength touch and cardboard is used to manufacture standard-specification filters. It is characterized by high specification accuracy, beautiful appearance, and low cost. If imported surface fiber or synthetic fiber filter material is used, its various performance indicators can reach or exceed the same production of the imported filter. The filter material is packed into high-strength cardboard in a folded form, and the windward area is enlarged. All indicators of the primary air filter are qualified! Please feel free to use it.

    The biggest paper-frame primary air filter is characterized by its low price, which can be reduced by about 50% compared to aluminum-frame air filters. If you are worried about quality problems, you can try a unit to see the effect and make an evaluation.