Application of air filter in the food industry


    With the improvement of product grades and GMP standards of food companies, the demand for air in production processes is increasing. Nowadays, food safety issues have become a social issue that everyone is generally concerned about, which urges the majority of food manufacturers to pay attention to the sanitation of the production environment at any time. Nowadays, food factories have widespread problems due to air pollution to the total number of bacterial colonies in the food. Faced with increasingly stringent national standards, the degree of pollution has gradually increased. More and more food companies are beginning to pay attention to the problem of air quality in the workshop. So at this time, air filter plays a role in protecting air quality.
    Exceeding the total number of colonies is one of the important reasons leading to unqualified food quality, which not only brings reputation and economic losses to the production company but also harms consumers. Whether it is a large-scale well-known enterprise or a small workshop, the products are facing the problem of microbial contamination. Because food is prone to infection with microorganisms during production, an air filter is required to filter and clean the indoor air, so that the sanitation of the food can be ensured.
    The high-efficiency partition filter uses a partition design. The corrugated partition can accurately maintain the spacing of the pleats, and use the filter material at low resistance and to a limit. The filter material is folded with 180 pleats on both sides to form a wedge-shaped pleat layer. When the filter material is bent, there are two indentations to make it open into a wedge-shaped box pleated layer at the end of the partition. Prevent damage to the filter material. In corrosive environments, vinyl-plated separators can be used to capture 0.3um particles with an efficiency of 99.99%. Chongqing Xinjiahe air filter is a good choice for your use in the food industry.