Can air filters filter viruses?

The recent new coronavirus has come on strong, on the topic of eliminating the spread of many people will think of air filters, in the end air filters can filter the virus? Rongteng Environmental takes a look at it.

Air Filter

How air filters filter air

First, by setting different performance of the air filter, remove the hanging dust particles and microorganisms in the air, that is, through the filter media to trap the dust particles trapped to ensure the cleanliness of the incoming air volume requirements. The filter media used is fine diameter fiber, which can make the airflow pass smoothly and also can effectively trap dust particles.

Second, clean technology control filtered dust is generally 0.1 - 10μm dust particles, particle size is small, contains solid particles and liquid particles; organic particles suspended in the atmosphere are microorganisms, plant pollen, flakes and lint, microorganisms generally include viruses, rickettsia, bacteria, fungus, protozoa and algae. Air purification control is mainly bacteria and bacteria, viruses.

Air filtering method

A, the interception effect: when a particle size movement to the fiber surface near the center line to the fiber surface distance is less than the radius of the particles, dust particles will be intercepted by the filter fiber and deposited.

Second, the inertia effect: when the particle mass or speed is larger, due to inertia and collision on the fiber surface and deposited.

Third, the diffusion effect: small particle size Brownian motion is stronger and easy to collide with the fiber surface.

Fourth, the gravity effect: particles through the fiber layer, deposited on the fiber due to gravity settlement.

Fifth, the electrostatic effect: fiber or particle may be charged, the electrostatic effect of attracting particles, and the particles will be sucked to the fiber surface.

Can air filters filter viruses?

Air filter should only filter the air in a certain diameter of solid particles, like haze is mainly PM2.5 and PM10 caused by this air filter can play a certain effect, and for bacteria, it is estimated that this filter with a long time will also breed bacteria, I think do not worry too much, the best way to improve their immunity, more exercise, balanced nutrition, diligent ventilation in the house, and Respond to the call to wear a mask when you go out, and wash your hands regularly.