Guangzhou Rt Air Filtech Co.,LtdAbout UsRoom 402, Yuanfeng Building, No.83 Taoyuan West Road, Tianhe District, GuangzhouGuangzhou RT Air Filtech Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. It is committed to offering related ranges of air filters for industries such as electronics factories, semiconductors, liquid crystal display, bio-pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical industry, clean room, hospital, rail transit, spray booth, commercial and residential construction. With high-tech equipment, experienced technicians, and perfect testing equipment, from design, research and development, production, quality control to finished products, we can achieve the essence and quality and are high

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Air filter cotton is the filter material for the filter, air filter cotton is divided into pre-filteration media, Non Woven Fabric, paint stop fiberglass filter media, Activated carbon filter media. Most of the primary filter cotton is synthetic fiber filter cotton, which is the common primary filter. Next, take you to understand the four air filter cotton material.
Get a comprehensive understanding of dust in production and how to add a complete set of filtration equipment to your air filtration system can help improve worker productivity and build brand image for your business.
In the place of work, indoor air can have an effect on a person’s properly-being and capacity to feature at the job. Temperature, humidity, amount of outside air, mould and airborne contaminants all contribute to IAQ.
The terms bag filter and pocket filter are often used interchangeably – but there is a difference between these two industrial air filters.
The recent new coronavirus has come on strong, on the topic of eliminating the spread of many people will think of air filters, in the end air filters can filter the virus? Rongteng Environmental takes a look at it.
In one experiment, a filter made of polymer nanowires successfully captured 99.9% of coronavirus aerosols, outperforming three commercial masks.
There are many exclusive residences and traits of activated carbon, and information these elements will assist you recognize how the material is measured and analyzed.
Air pollution is a familiar environmental health hazard. We know what we’re looking at when brown haze settles over a city, exhaust billows across a busy highway, or a plume rises from a smokestack. Some air pollution is not seen, but its pungent smell alerts you.
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