Filter cotton replacement time in the paint room


    In recent years, the development of high-efficiency filter cotton filter media for paint baking rooms has been rapid. There are not only domestically developed new filter media, but also foreign imported filter media. There are many varieties and different performances. High-efficiency and high-performance filter media. The material has good physical and chemical properties, high dust collection rate, good dust stripping performance, low-pressure loss and long service life. Let me introduce to you how often should the filter cotton be changed in the paint room?

    Regarding the question of how long to replace the filter cotton in the paint booth, we believe that many customers have asked this question and want to know the answer. How often do you need to replace it? The first thing to say is that the special filter cotton for the paint baking room has better quality and ordinary quality. The high-quality canopy filter cotton is 600G model, three-dimensional dipping, mainly materials and Uses more glue to absorb more dust. If the glue is used too much, it will not be easy to remove the dust. The filtering effect is good. However, if some customers cannot use cotton with too much resistance, they recommend using 560G surface glue Ceiling filter cotton, the difference between this one is that it is sparser and has low resistance, so sometimes the model should be selected according to the actual situation of the customer. The initial filter cotton at the air inlet is recommended to be replaced every 2 months. This cotton is compared Inexpensive, often replaced, can extend the use time of the ceiling filter.

    In order to save costs, some customers buy cheap filter cotton. In fact, the material is less, the use time will be shortened, and it is easy to fall off, and the glue and materials are less, and the dust is not easy to filter out. How often should the filter cotton in the paint booth be changed? First of all, it should be based on the air inlet environment of your paint booth. If your air inlet environment is good and there is less dust, your filter cotton will last a long time, and you can use it well. After using it for 1 year or even longer, if the air inlet environment of your paint room is not good, your filter may only be used for 3 months or half a year and you have to replace it with a new filter.

    Therefore, when using the filter equipment, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Suitable for the environment can also extend its life and extend the replacement period!