G2-F5washable synthetic fiber plank pre filter


G2-F5 washable synthetic fiber plank pre-filter is a kind of filter material that can be replaced by itself to save the purchase cost of the user. It has the advantages of detachable, washable, and reusable. Compared with the general filter with a protective net, the air volume is larger and the dust holding capacity is larger. Of course, the cost will naturally be higher.

The outer frame of the washable plate filter is sturdy and detachable. It adopts a sturdy plate-type aluminum alloy frame with aluminum alloy corners. The structure is firm and stable to ensure that the filter will not be deformed or damaged in a poor working environment. The disassembly design makes it easy to replace the filter material to achieve the purpose of frame reuse. Lightweight panel structure, high-quality polyester synthetic fiber filter material, low initial resistance, and good fire resistance.

The filter net reinforcement further enhances the firmness of the filter. At the same time, the balanced spacing and double stiffener design ensure the equal-height pleated shape of the filter, so that the plate filter can reach the maximum dust holding capacity when the resistance is minimum. The filter material is made of high-quality polyester synthetic fiber, which can be cleaned and reused many times, has a long service life, and saves production and use costs; the fluffy and dense fiber structure ensures a higher dust collection rate and a larger dust holding capacity, which is effective Extend the service life of its back-end medium efficiency filter. Size: 2 inches (46mm) and 4 inches (96mm) are available in different thicknesses. Both 2 inches and 4 inches adopt a pleated structure. Optional filtering level: G2, G3, G4 (EN779)

Purpose of washable plate filter:

It can clean the pre-filter of the centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system of office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and other large civil buildings, general industrial plants, or clean rooms. Coarse dust filtration, air filtration system pre-filtration, clean room inlet and return air filtration.


1. Pre-filtration of general air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system;

2. Pre-filtration of large air compressors;

3. Centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system and return air filtration in cleanroom can prolong the service life of the subsequent high-efficiency filter;

4. The pre-filtering of the ventilation system of general industrial plants meets the general clean air requirements;

5. Pre-filtering of air conditioning systems in general buildings;

6. Pre-filtering of rail transit public basic air-conditioning system.