HEPA filter accessories and material selection


   HEPA filters are mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended solids above 0.5um, as the end filter of various filtration systems. Ultra-fine glass fiber paper is used as filter material, plastic sheet paper, aluminum foil board, and other materials are folded as dividing plate, new type polyurethane sealant is used for sealing, and the outer frame is made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, and aluminum alloy profile.

    A: There is no partition filter, the default mode is double-sided protective netting, and the default mode of the partitioned filter is no protective netting. It is designed according to the available requirements.
    B: If the operating environment exceeds 150°C (120°C is recommended), ordinary spray-type protective netting can not be used, only galvanized protective netting can be used.
    C: All HEPA filters, the default is to glue production
    D: The default fold distance of the filter without clapboard is about 28 folds/10cm
    E: The fold distance of the filter with partition is about 10-12mm by default. The standard requirement is 11mm/fold. In the actual production process, three different widths of 3.5/4.5/7mm will be used for the production of filter media based on the cost. (The so-called one fold means from the starting point of the crease to the starting point of the next crease)
    F: Corresponding filter media (including efficiency and filter paper model) must be used in accordance with product requirements. Product filters without partitions cannot be mixed with product filters with partitions.
    G: The corresponding sealant must be used in accordance with the regulations. The high-temperature filter adopts different sealing glues according to the temperature requirements. The red high-temperature glue can withstand the temperature of 300 ℃, which can be as high as 350 ℃ in an instant. The tank filter must be sealed with a specific jelly glue.
    H: The material and assembly method of the outer frame and the sealing strip or gasket must be used in accordance with the regulations.
    Filter naming convention: It is used for air filtration and is tested by the sodium flame method specified in the national standard GB/T6165. The filtration efficiency: ≥99.9% is called a high-efficiency air filter. Filtration efficiency: ≥99.99% is called a super high-efficiency air filter.
    Generally, the filter made of corrugated fiber material as the filter material is a HEPA filter, and the filter particle is about 0.1-0.5μm.
    In some cases, if the filter efficiency of a filter made of non-woven fabrics and other filter materials can reach 95% and above, it will also be called a HEPA filter, but the filter particles are about ≥0.5μm. Strictly defined as sub-HEPA filters or medium- and HEPA filters.