How long does it take to replace the paint-resistant cotton in the print room?


    After a long period of use, the paint-resistant cotton in the paint room will accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt. If it is not replaced in time, it will have a great impact on the spray paint, the effect of the paint, and the health of the staff. So how often should the paint resist cotton be replaced in the paint room? Let me tell you about it below.

    Paint mist filter cotton is also called paint blocking net, paint blocking cotton, floor cotton, bottom cotton, glass fiber fluffy felt, glass fiber filter, paint filter. The paint fog felt is composed of high-strength continuous monofilament glass fiber, which has an increasing structure, high capture rate, and good paint fog isolation effect; good compression performance, can keep its appearance unchanged, and its filter fiber is good for storing paint fog dust; The fog felt filter material is green and white, and the green side is the windward side of the air; it has elasticity, low-pressure loss, and has a particularly good trapping effect on paint fog. The flame retardant paint fog felt meets DIN4102F1 and has strong temperature resistance and can reach 100% Relative temperature resistance; high-temperature resistance up to 170. Paint fog felt traps excessive paint from the painting system, avoids paint stains on the equipment, prevents damage to the painted surface, and protects the external environment. Filters paint particles in the room to reduce exhaust gas pollution. Paint fog felt,

    How often do you need to replace the paint-resistant cotton in the paint room depends on the environment in which it is used.

    1. If the environment of the paint booth is dusty and windy, it is recommended to check once every 2 months and replace every 3-6 months, depending on the cleanliness of the environment.

    2. When used in a dust-less environment, choose good quality paint resisting cotton, which can be used for about 1 year.

    3. Before use, clean the interior of the paint booth, turn on the fan and blow for about 5 minutes, and then install the top cotton and the air inlet cotton.

    4. After the installation is complete, turn on the fan to blow water for 15 minutes, then clean the inside of the roasting barn, and install paint-resistant cotton.

    5. It is recommended that when choosing to buy air filter cotton, the filter cotton purchased cheaply has a short service life, poor filtering effect, convenient replacement and maintenance, and troublesome, so you should choose a manufacturer with a high reputation and buy quality filter cotton...