Application fields and main features of 400℃ high-temperature filter


    The 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter occupies a very important production position in the production process of many industries. This filter uses high-performance, high-quality filter media as the filter medium, high-quality stainless steel plate as the frame, and high-temperature resistant materials. Assembled, it has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low resistance, and good heat resistance. The editor of He Yi is here to analyze the application fields and characteristics of the 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter.

    The 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter itself has very good characteristics and is widely used in aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, food production, wafers, and many other occasions that require high cleanliness. It is mainly used at the end of the air conditioning and ventilation system, purification oven, food baking equipment, clean baking room, high-temperature sterilization equipment, high-temperature coating line and other places. Because it is resistant to high temperatures, it can complete filtration with high quality and quantity under a high-temperature environment. It can also effectively prevent the high-temperature environment from damaging the quality of the equipment so that the equipment can perform filtration work stably for a long time so that users can do a good job in production control and cost control.

    Features of 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter

    1. The 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter basically adopts a partition design, which allows the filter material to be used more fully while lowering the resistance of the filtering work.

    2. The wedge-shaped box pleated layer of the 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter can effectively prevent the filter paper from being damaged and make the filter paper have a longer service life.

    3. The 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter can work under various high-temperature conditions, not only will not affect the efficiency and effect of the filtering work due to the high temperature but basically the stability of the filtering work can also be guaranteed to a certain extent.

    1. It can filter 0.3um particle dust, suspended solids, and pollutants under high-temperature conditions.

    2. The outer frame of the 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter is a stainless steel frame or a galvanized frame. The material is very strong, which can improve the quality of the 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter to a certain extent and increase the service life of the equipment.

    The 400℃ high-temperature resistant filter can be used in the production of many industries for the corresponding filtering work because its own material is better, the filter material is high in precision, and the high-temperature resistance is good, so that the efficiency, effect, and stability of the filtering work can be achieved. With a certain guarantee, it can also complete the filtering work that ordinary filters cannot complete under high-temperature conditions.