The composition, material, characteristics, and application of mid-efficiency bag filter


    Mid-efficiency bag filters are mainly used in central air-conditioning and centralized air supply systems and are generally used as intermediate filters in air-conditioning systems to protect the lower filter and the system itself. If the air cleanliness requirements are not particularly strict, the purified air can be used directly after passing through the medium-efficiency bag filter. The following mainly introduces you from the four points of the composition, material, characteristics, and application of the medium-efficiency bag filter.

    The medium-efficiency bag filter adopts a new type of composite non-woven fabric material or synthetic fiber and is equipped with various metal frames (plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum frame, aluminum alloy frame or frameless), and the commonly used filter material Most of them are F5-F9, which have the characteristics of strong pulling force and low resistance.

    Application of medium-efficiency bag filter:

    Medium-efficiency bag filters are widely used in industrial purification of central air conditioning and ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, and food. At the same time, the medium-efficiency bag filter can also be used as the front end of the high-efficiency air filter, so that the load of the high-efficiency filter can be reduced to extend its life.

    Schematic diagram of the initial stage and the intermediate stage

    The main components of the medium-efficiency bag filter:

    1. Frame material: plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum plate frame, aluminum alloy frame or frameless

    2. Bracket: galvanized sheet forming frame, stainless steel

    3. Filter material: new composite non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber

    4. Level: F5-F9

    5. Seam method: ultrasonic welding

    6. Operating temperature: ≤80℃

    Product features of medium efficiency bag filter:

    1. Adopt new composite non-woven fabric and imported synthetic fiber plus coating to strengthen the formed filter material.

    2. The bag shape is equipped with various metal frames to block large dust particles.

    3. It has the advantages of a large filtering area, large dust holding capacity, and low resistance.

    Reasons for using a mid-efficiency bag filter:

    First of all, the medium-efficiency bag filter is indispensable for general ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is the main force of filtration. The bag type is mainly used to meet the requirements of large air volume and low resistance. Secondly, in places with relatively high requirements for cleanliness, the use of medium-efficiency bag filters can protect high-efficiency filters. Because high-efficiency filters are generally expensive and very troublesome to replace, if the medium-efficiency bag filter can be replaced every six months or so, the subsequent high-efficiency filters can reduce a lot of loads. From a long-term perspective, this also saves money for the purification investment of the factory.