The air filter is a necessary equipment for automobile paint shop


    Air Filter (air filter) refers to the air filter device, generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories, and clean rooms, or used for dust prevention of electronic mechanical communication equipment. There are models of primary efficiency filter, medium efficiency filter, HEPA filter, and ULPA filter. Various models have different standards and performance.

    The air filter is the central component of the air disposal system of the automobile spraying dust-free workshop. Generally, a clean workshop of 100,000 to 10,000 is used. If the paint workshop is not clean enough and the 10um dust is mixed into the paint layer, the human eye can see Defects formed by dust. In order to ensure the quality of the paint on the exterior of the car, a large number of air filters are used in the paint shop of the car manufacturer to filter the dust in the air during the painting and baking process.

    The air filter of ordinary industrial dust-free workshops selects primary, medium, and high-efficiency three-stage filtration. The initial efficiency of dust-free workshops generally uses G4 pre-filters, medium-efficiency F7 or F8 maintenance-grade filters, so that there is no partition at the end of the dust-free workshop* Efficient or ultra-efficient maintenance will be better and longer life.

    Cooperating application of air filter: The central air conditioner for general ventilation uses a two-stage air filter of primary and medium efficiency, and the efficiency filter of F7 or higher is selected. "The air-conditioning duct system can be cleaned for 10 years." Stop air duct cleaning, smart business owners or businesses choose filters above F7 to prevent air duct cleaning from stopping every year.

    The main air filter of the painting line is arranged in the dynamic and static pressure chamber above the filter top cotton, or in the air handling unit. The main air filter generally adopts an ordinary bag filter, and its efficiency specification is F5 ~ F8 (depending on the grade of the coating product). The cleanliness of the painting environment is determined by the superior main filter, not the filter top cotton near the painting tunnel. If the outdoor air contains a lot of dust, there must be a pre-filter before the main filter.

    With the powerful barrier of the air filter, the pollution of the surface paint layer of the automobile is prevented from the source, so it is the necessary equipment for the production of dust-free coating of automobiles. The above is about the necessary equipment for the air filter in the car painting workshop. If you want to know more about the air filter, you can pay attention to Guangzhou Rongteng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.