Introduction to the main structure and characteristics of the air filter screen


    There are three types of air filter screens: glass fiber filter paper, asbestos fiber filter paper, and synthetic fiber filter paper. The products can be divided into (with partitions, no partitions, high efficiency, large air volume, high efficiency, sub-efficient, high temperature, and high efficiency), and the outer frame has ( Aluminum alloy frame, galvanized frame, wooden frame, etc.). It is mainly used to filter dust particles smaller than 1UM. It must be used under the protection of primary and medium-efficiency high-efficiency filters. It is often used as the end filter of three-stage filtration. It is the main end filter of the cleanroom to achieve all levels of air. The purpose of the cleanliness level and its efficiency is used to filter 0.3UM particles.

    1. The main purpose of the air filter screen

    The air filter screen is used to filter the air supply at the end of the air conditioner in the dust-free purification workshop of industries such as optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biological medicine, precision instruments, beverages and food, and PCB printing.

    Second, the main characteristics of the air filter filter

    (1) The high-efficiency air filter has a solid structure and a stable filtering effect and a prolonged service life.

    (2) Robust, efficient, and easy to handle.

    (3) The initial resistance is low.

    (4) Stable filtration efficiency.

    Three, the selection points of the air filter filter

    [1] The main control parameters selected by the HEPA filter are filtration efficiency, rated air volume, initial resistance under rated air volume, and dust holding capacity. Test according to the method specified in GB/T6165-1985 "HEPA filter performance test method Transmittance and Resistance", the transmittance is ≤0.1% (ie efficiency ≥99.9%) or the count of particles with a particle size of ≥0.1μm The filter with rate ≤0.001% (ie efficiency ≥99.999%) is a HEPA filter.

    [2] Commonly used filter materials for HEPA filters include ultra-fine glass fibers.

    [3] The HEPA filter should meet the fire protection requirements. The HEPA high efficiency filter is divided into three levels according to the degree of fire resistance: the first level filter, all materials of the filter are non-combustible, and the non-combustible materials should meet the GB8624-1997A level. For the secondary filter, the filter material should be a non-flammable material that meets the GB8624-1997A level, and the partition plate and frame can be made of a flammable material that meets the GB8624-1997B2 level. Three-stage filter, all materials of the filter are available in accordance with GB8624-1997B3.

    Above, we mainly give you a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge points about the air filter filter, mainly including: the main purpose of the air filter filter, the main characteristics of the air filter filter, the selection points of the air filter filter, etc., hope Through our introduction, we can bring you some help.