Judgment criteria for replacement of HEPA air filter element


    A High-efficiency air filter is a common air purification equipment that can capture dust and suspended matter less than 0.5um. The air filter consists of two parts: the filter element and the housing. The key component is the filter element. When the high-efficiency air filter has been used for a period of time, it needs to be replaced. The following is an explanation of the criteria for the replacement of high-efficiency air filter elements by RTfilter manufacturer:

    High-efficiency air filter

    First, let us understand the structure and characteristics of high-efficiency air filters. Its filter material is ultra-fine glass fiber paper, and the material of the dividing plate is offset paper, an aluminum film, and other materials. There is no peculiar smell, and the surface of the filter does not harden. It will not crack after a long time of use. The chemical performance is relatively stable. It is resistant to erosion, and it can also not crack under the conditions of stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction. It has suitable softness and hardness and good elasticity.

    As the name suggests, the high-efficiency air filter has high filtration efficiency. At the same time, it has low flow resistance and large dust holding capacity, and it can continue to operate for a long time. However, when the flow resistance of the high-efficiency air filter exceeds the rated initial resistance of 160 Pa, high filtration efficiency cannot be guaranteed, and the high-efficiency air filter needs to be replaced. In addition to this indicator, if the initial resistance exceeds three years, it also exceeds the standard, and it also needs to be replaced at any time. When calculating the resistance of the air filter, you can use 2 times the initial resistance as the final resistance. Generally speaking, the initial resistance of high-efficiency air filters on the market cannot be higher than 10% of the resistance of the filter sample.

    When replacing the high-efficiency air filter, it needs to be installed. Before installation, strictly inspect its appearance. When installing, keep the frame flat and tidy, and the deviation of flatness should be less than 1-2 mm. At the same time, pay attention to whether the installation direction of the air filter is correct, and whether the surroundings and interfaces are sealed. After the installation is complete, the air filter must be leak-checked.

    High-efficiency air filters are used in all walks of life due to their reliability of performance and high efficiency of filtration. For example, it can be seen in the electronic and electrical industry, biomedical, food and beverage, printing, and textile fields. In places with high cleanliness requirements, high-efficiency air filters are usually installed at the end of the cleanroom as maximum air purification. After using for a period of time, the user should test its resistance, and if it exceeds the rated initial resistance, it should be replaced in time to ensure the high-efficiency filtering performance of the filter. When repairing and maintaining high-efficiency air filters, according to the operating environment elements of the air-conditioning cabinet, they are replaced annually or regularly, usually once a year or two, to keep the computer room clean and the air fresh.