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Metal Mesh Pre Filter
Metal Mesh Pre Filter
Metal Mesh Pre Filter
Metal Mesh Pre Filter
Metal Mesh Pre Filter

Metal Mesh Pre Filter

Model NO.
US $ 5.00-20.00 / pieces
Minimum order quantity
10 pieces
Supply Ability
500 pieces / Week
Country of Origin
Stock Time
10 Days
The all-metal primary filter adopts the special filter material of multi-layer expanded aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh as the filter, which is rolled and pressed into a wave shape and arranged in the right Angle.

Product features:

· multi-layer folding and expanding aluminum or stainless steel mesh is arranged in different density and the aperture is from coarse to fine so that the air can change the flow direction many times when passing through the filter, increasing its dust collecting capacity and efficiency.

· strong and durable structure, the removable structure can be selected to facilitate the replacement of filter, which can achieve the effect of reuse and greatly improve the utilization rate;

· low initial resistance, high-temperature resistance, washable, long service life, economical and practical.

Product specification:



Thickness(mm)Number of filter layers

Initial resistance(Pa)

Rated Air Velocity(m/s)Rated Air Flow(m³/h)

Note: other specifications can be customized according to requirements

Temp.short peaks≤400℃
Filter object≥ 5 μ m coarse dust and foreign body
Moisture resistance (relative humidity)≤100%RH

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