Replacement and maintenance of V-type HEPA filter


    A V-type HEPA filter is a device that must be installed in clean workshops. The clean workshop is in operation. It relies on air filters of various efficiency levels to collect fine particles in the air and keep the atmosphere clean in the room. In order to achieve a clean environment corresponding to the production needs.

    According to our company's relevant investigations on air filters for many years. I feel that the owners generally do not know the maintenance and replacement skills of the V-type HEPA filter. Now I will give some explanations about the confusion that most end customers are concerned about, such as the maintenance and replacement of V-type HEPA filters.

    Next, our company will understand the V-type HEPA filter. The V-type HEPA filter mainly purifies powder with particles larger than 0.3 microns. It belongs to the first layer of filtration in the overall air-conditioning fan, and it can capture all the larger powders. In this way, the filtering cycle of the subsequent filter can be improved.

    The HEPA filter is the advanced ring in the system. Ensuring the high-efficiency filtration of the high-efficiency filter can not only ensure the high-quality operation of the overall air-conditioning fan but also improve the filtration cycle of the air-conditioning unit. Therefore, the maintenance and replacement of high-efficiency filters are especially necessary. What are the common problems with HEPA and the replacement of high-efficiency filters?

    The user needs to choose whether or not the high-efficiency filter can be replaced according to the cleanliness of the gas and the filtering condition of the high-efficiency filter. The generally used testing facilities are dust particle counters and differential pressure meters. The particle counter can test the cleanliness of the premises and mark it on the machine if the specific cleanliness does not meet the cleanliness standard. It shows that the HEPA filter has become obsolete.

    If it is clear that there is a problem with the HEPA filter, the HEPA filter should be replaced immediately, and the system should be shut down during replacement. Next, replace the HEPA filter. If it is a washable filter, you can rinse the high-efficiency filter first. You can use clean water to clean it. After washing, wipe off the water on the high-efficiency filter and let it air dry before putting it back correctly.

    The V-type HEPA filter is in the rated air volume usage. It can be filtered for 1 to 2 years and needs to be replaced, or when the pressure loss exceeds 2 times the initial pressure loss. It should be replaced if washable filter materials are used. It is recommended that the number of rinses not exceed two. That can be replaced with a new V-type HEPA filter. Because the filter efficiency of the air filter is reduced every time it is flushed. If the dust concentration in the working environment is high, the use of time will be reduced.