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Tank HEPA filter
Tank HEPA filter

Tank HEPA filter

Model NO.
US $ 60.00-70.00 / pieces
Minimum order quantity
10 pieces
Supply Ability
500 pieces / Week
Country of Origin
Stock Time
15 Days
The unique structure design of a liquid tank-type high-efficiency filter can effectively reduce the operation cost of the cleanroom and meet the occasions with higher requirements for sealing.

Product features:

· the fluid-type high-efficiency filter without clapboard is beautiful in appearance, easy to install, thin in thickness, light in weight and high in filtration efficiency;

· large filter area, long service life, and low resistance;

· the fluid-filled slot jelly glue in the flange is environmentally friendly and is usually used with the knife-mounted frame;

· two-component AB sealant ensures more reliable sealing.

Product specification:

ModelLength(mm)Width(mm)Depth(mm)Rated Air Flow(m³/h)Air Velocity/resistance(Pa)Filter efficiency

Note: other specifications can be customized according to requirements

Technical datasheet:

Temperature resistance80℃
Moisture resistance (relative humidity)≤ 100% RH
Temp.short peaks≤100℃
Filter object≥0.5μm、≥0.3μm、≥0.1μm
Filter efficiencyH13、H14、U15、U16、U17(EN779)

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