The characteristics and functions of ceiling filter cotton


Ceiling filter cotton, also known as patio cotton, is mainly used in leading industries such as automotive coating, high-tech electronics, military aerospace, etc. It is used at the top of the spray industry or at the entrance of ventilation equipment as a primary filter to specifically filter particles, dust, oil mist, etc. effect.

Ceiling filter

Patio cotton is different from other filter cottons. It has a white color and is covered with a layer of hard glue-sprayed net. This side is the air outlet side. The side without the net-covered soft cotton is the air inlet side. The net-covered surface can withstand wind pressure. The capillary fibers fall onto the product while preventing outdoor debris from entering the room. After a special viscosity treatment, the dust particles cannot pass through because the adhesive completely penetrates the medium, so that the fully filtered air diffuses evenly and forms a laminar flow state to achieve the best spraying effect.

The characteristics of patio cotton: high-performance non-woven fabric composed of anti-fracture PET organic synthetic fiber; incremental structure, using gradually dense multi-layer technology, can be blocked at different density levels according to the size of dust, and more effectively accommodate A lot of dust; with the characteristics of high capacity and low resistance, economical and practical.

Patio cotton is mainly used in the surface spray industry. It is specially designed for filtering at the end of the spray booth. It is made of high-performance non-woven fabric composed of anti-breaking synthetic fibers; it has an incremental structure, that is, the fiber density in the direction of pure air gradually increases. Filtering efficiency, prolonging the service life; viscous treatment, because the adhesive completely penetrates the medium and the dust particles cannot pass through. Make the room clean.

So what role can patio cotton play in the painting industry? When painting, the air in the spray booth is mixed with dust, and the exhaust fan draws the air out through the filter cotton. Normally, the filter cotton and other filter materials are placed at the air inlet and middle filter of the entire ventilation system. System, air outlet filter system, after the dust in the air is filtered by the filter cotton, the dust will stick to the filter cotton. The function of the filter cotton is to filter the dust in the air to meet the requirements of the product spray paint.

The above is the introduction of patio cotton. Different industries are placed in different locations. Generally, they are used to filter dust particles to make the air clean and the products meet the standards. If you want to know more, please consult us!