The importance of air-conditioning filter to automobile air circulation system


    With the improvement of people's living standards, now basically every household can own a car. People attach great importance to automobiles, and people are increasingly demanding air quality. The air circulation system in automobiles is also an aspect that people pay attention to. Therefore, air-conditioning filters are of great importance to automobiles.

    If the car is compared to a person, then the air conditioning system in the car is equivalent to the human nose, and the air conditioning filter is equivalent to the filtering mucosa in the human nose. Therefore, the air conditioning filter is very important for the air system in the car, and it is related to the clean air that people in a closed space like a car can breathe.

    In the case of cool weather, people sitting in the car can open the windows for ventilation, and various parts of the car will also emit harmful volatile substances such as formaldehyde. When the windows are opened, the volatilization of these substances can be accelerated, which can make The volatilization of these substances can reduce the harm of harmful substances in the car to the human body to a certain extent.

    However, when the weather is hot, people in the car must close the windows and turn on the air conditioner to have a comfortable environment. This creates a problem. After closing the doors and windows, such a closed environment in the car forms a very serious pollution area. After the air conditioner is turned on, the temperature in the car will drop, but if there is no air conditioning filter, some harmful substances in the car will be absorbed by the human body, which will affect people's health over time.

    In addition, the air conditioning filter can filter the air entering the car from the outside, which can improve the air cleanliness in the car and ensure the health of passengers. If the car often passes some places with a lot of dust, then you need to pay attention to frequently cleaning the air-conditioning filter. When the weather is cold, many car owners will close the doors and windows tightly and only circulate the air in the car without turning on the air conditioner. This is not correct. After driving for a long time, the air in the car will become muddy. Turn on the air conditioner. The filter will remove dust and harmful substances from the air in the car in a large range. If you want the air conditioner filter to play a more efficient role, then you need to clean the filter regularly.

    Also regularly check whether there is too much dust on the air conditioner filter. You can gently tap the end face of the filter element and use compressed air to blow off the dust on the filter from the inside out. If there is no compressed air equipment, you can tap the filter with a screwdriver and gently brush the dirt on the outside with a soft brush.