The leak detection method of HEPA filter in dust-free workshop


    1. Product introduction of high-efficiency leak detector for the dust-free workshop: In the purification system, the high-efficiency filter is the key equipment for high-cleanness air purification. For filter manufacturers, the high-efficiency filters that leave the factory require leak detection one by one.

    At present, the prevailing high-efficiency filter detection methods include the photometer scanning method and counting scanning method. Although these two detection methods have a high penetration rate, the scanning efficiency is low and the labor intensity is high. For filters with specific structures (such as W-type filters) ) Unable to detect.

    2. Technical parameters of HEPA filter leak detector in dust-free workshop

    Rated voltage: 220V/380V50HZ

    Rated power: 3.56KW

    Oil drum capacity: 2.5L

    Whole machine weight: 350kg

    Maximum inspection workpiece size: 1200x700x300mm

    Minimum inspection workpiece size: 300x300mm

    Maximum air pressure for leak detection: 1210Pa

    Maximum smoke exhaust: 210m3/min

    Third, the performance characteristics of the high-efficiency filter leak detector in the dust-free workshop

    The particle size of the smoke particles is 0.3~0.5um, and the particle size distribution is uniform, which is consistent with the dust particle size of the counting scanning method, which can meet the leak detection requirements of high-efficiency filters.

    It has a wide range of applications and can detect all kinds of HEPA filters with and without partitions.

    High detection efficiency, the shortest detection time for a single filter is only 2 seconds, which effectively saves detection time and reduces production costs.

    Conforms to environmental protection requirements, and the smoke emitted by the equipment does not cause any harm to the operator.

    There is almost no smoke emission during the detection process, and there is no impact on the surrounding environment.

    The electrical control system adopts PLC control, which is easy to operate and highly reliable.

    The raw materials and consumables used in the equipment are cheap, and the testing cost can be ignored. It is currently the most cost-effective testing equipment for testing high-efficiency air filters in China.

    High-efficiency filter four, dust-free workshop high-efficiency filter leak detector operating instructions

    4.1 Before starting the machine, check that the connected power supply should meet the requirements of the instruction manual, and clean up the debris on the leak detector.

    4.2 Add pure water to the tank of the leak detector, the liquid level is about 2mm lower than the smoke outlet, and pour tap water into the water tank with the liquid level within the upper and lower scale.

    4.3 Close the built-in air switch of the electrical cabinet, and the "power" indicator light is on to indicate that the power is on.

    4.4 Click the "Start" button, the fog machine will begin to warm up, and the "Start" indicator light is on to indicate that the warm-up is complete.

    4.5 Place the workpiece to be tested on the detection task, and the center of the workpiece is basically flush with the center of the smoke outlet.

    4.6 Adjust the brightness of the spotlight and the height position relative to the workpiece through the buttons on the operation panel.

    4.7 When the preheating indicator is on, click the "detection" button to observe the smoke on the upper surface of the workpiece

    The source is the leakage point of the workpiece. Make a mark at the leak point and remove the workpiece.

    4.8 Press the "Shutdown" button when shutting down.

    4.9 In case of emergency, press the "Emergency Stop" button to cut off the power.

    4.10 After testing, turn off the power and let go of the pure water in the tank of the leak detector.