The role of the air filter in front of the air inlet


     Professional air purification systems generally have three air filters. The air inlet pre-filter is also called the primary filter, which mainly filters dust particles above 5um in the air. It is installed at the air inlet for pre-filtering to protect the rear end and high-efficiency filtration. The device extends its service life.
    The filter material of the front air filter of the air inlet is usually a composite material non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, etc. The frame structure has three styles of plate, folding, and bag. The outer frame material is a paper frame, aluminum frame, galvanized iron frame, suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning system, front air filter frame type material is very rich, air cleaning researchers will meet different environmental requirements, there may be special high temperature, corrosive space, air filter material It is necessary to choose the high temperature, rust, and corrosion-resistant. The pre-filtering function is to filter large dust particles to protect the end filter to extend its service life. The front air filter is frequently used and replaced frequently, many of which are cheap and have been replaced.
    The function of the front air filter of the air inlet requires regular maintenance to ensure the filtration efficiency. Generally, it is recommended to replace the filter every 2-3 months. The service life of the environment with large dust production will be reduced. The filter can also be washed and replaced. Check the integrity of the lower filter first, and pay special attention when cleaning it. Soak and rinse with water or neutral detergent. Do not knead it and wring it dry. You can dry it in the shade. The air filter can only be cleaned twice, and the filtration efficiency of the filter is reduced by 15% each time.
    The role of the air filter is intercepted layer by layer to make the cleanroom cleanliness up to standard. Each filter has different responsibilities in different locations, but the role of the filter is closely related to daily maintenance. Failure to maintain and replace it in time will affect the filtration efficiency of the entire cleanroom. Affecting the output may affect the production of the entire operating room and increase economic losses.