The use environment and characteristics of V-bank filter


Plastic frame V-type sub-high-efficiency filter is generally made of moisture-proof, ultra-fine glass fiber or PP material, which is suitable for high humidity environment or variable air volume ventilation and air-conditioning system. The Sub-high-efficiency filter uses a thermoplastic rubber spacer to ensure the pleated layer of plastic frame spacing. Stabilizes the airflow through the initial resistance, stabilizes a large dust holding capacity, reduces equipment energy consumption, and saves operating costs.

The design of the V-type sub-high efficiency filter is compact, light in weight, and easy to install. The double-sided metal mesh design reduces the chance of the filter being damaged during transportation.

The plastic frame V-type sub-high efficiency filter mainly has the following points:

1. Intercept 0.5μm dust particles, and the filtration efficiency can reach 95%;

2. Some sealing technologies are not deformed and easy to replace;

3. Beautiful appearance, strong structure, with mounting flange frame;

4. The adopted design and vertical folding scene of the filter material are stable for long-term use in humid or humid environments;

The application areas of the plastic frame V-type sub-high efficiency filter: general cleanroom filtration, used in a ventilated and clean environment with large air volume and low resistance; the main filtration of commercial and industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems.

From the point of view of filtration efficiency: the V-shaped large air volume filter with a plastic frame mainly filters dust particles with a particle size of 0.5 µm in the air. Its filtration efficiency is between medium efficiency and high efficiency, which means that the filtration efficiency is generally between 90% and 99.5% (F8-H10). For this kind of efficiency, it is more suitable for use in the middle-end equipment of the clean system, so that it can better protect the high-efficiency or ultra-high-efficiency air filter at its end. Extend the service life of the high-efficiency air filter.

As mid-end filtration equipment, it is generally suitable for the main filters of clean rooms, commercial and industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems, high-humidity ventilation systems, variable air volume ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and installation of ventilation systems with tight spaces. Secondly, the outer frame is made of ABS or PP material, which is not only light in weight but also does not generate toxic gas when incineration, which is more conducive to environmental protection or disposal. Due to the V-shaped structure, it has a large effective filtering area and large dust holding capacity.

The outer flange frame structure (25mm thick) of the plastic frame V-type sub-high efficiency filter is very convenient to disassemble and install and is relatively stable. In addition, the plastic frame V-type sub-high efficiency filter also has the characteristics of low resistance and high air volume.