The working principle of the activated carbon air filter


    Activated carbon filters are flat chemical filters, or chemical air filters; different from general air filters, activated carbon air filters can remove gas pollutants in the air (such as disturbing odors, corrosive gases, and toxic gases), and are effective To improve indoor air quality (IAQ), protect people's health and improve product quality, it is widely used in various centralized ventilation systems.

    The activated carbon air filter has a very strong adsorption capacity for some harmful inorganic gases of organic substances, can effectively remove odors, and is suitable for various air conditioning and ventilation systems. In the air conditioning and ventilation system, the effect of handling odor and air pollution is particularly good, which can effectively clean the air.

    Activated carbon air filter | Filter principle of chemical filter:

    Activated carbon air filter selectively adsorbs gaseous pollutant molecules instead of mechanically intercepting impurities like dust filters.

    Adsorption is the phenomenon of adsorption of gas or liquid molecules on the surface of a solid substance. The solid substance is called an adsorbent, and the adsorbed substance is called an adsorbate.

    Adsorption can be divided into physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. Physical adsorption mainly relies on van der Waals force, which is often carried out at lower temperatures, and this process is a reversible process.

    For some gases (such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide), the adsorption capacity of ordinary activated carbon is limited. At this time, people often chemically treat them to enhance their ability to remove specific pollutants.

    The adsorption of chemically-treated adsorbents and harmful gases is called chemical adsorption, and the process is irreversible.

    The adsorption process can be divided into three stages: gas molecules diffuse to the outer surface of activated carbon, referred to as external diffusion; gas molecules diffuse to the inner surface in the micropores of activated carbon, referred to as internal diffusion; gas molecules on the inner surface of activated carbon are adsorbed.

    Activated carbon filter | chemical filter application:

    Air filtration in public places such as airports, hospitals (such as wards for patients with respiratory diseases), office buildings, and other public places can effectively remove peculiar smells in the air while saving energy.

    In museums, archives, libraries, and other places remove the pollutant gases such as hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen oxide in the air to protect the collections from destruction.

    The central control room of chemical, petrochemical, steel, and other enterprises is used to protect precision instruments from the hazards of corrosive gases.

    Semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing companies remove "molecular pollutants", improve product quality, and protect personnel health.

    Reduce odor in the laboratory animal room, improve the quality of laboratory animals, and protect the atmospheric environment.

    General ventilation chemical filters are suitable for comfortable central air-conditioning systems to eliminate low-concentration gaseous pollutants, effectively improve indoor air quality (IAQ), and effectively remove body odor and smoke odor;

    Activated carbon air filter|chemical filter product performance:

    Filter material: activated carbon non-woven fabric, activated carbon particles

    Outer frame: aluminum frame, stainless steel, galvanized frame

    Large adsorption area, strong adsorption performance, high activated carbon content, good ventilation performance, low resistance, long life, low cost, effective adsorption of industrial waste gas, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, oil and gas, sulfur dioxide, CS2, and other organic solvents

    The size can be based on customer requirements. Flat-type chemical filter | activated carbon filter use environment:

    Maximum temperature: ≤70℃

    Maximum humidity: ≤95%RH

    Activated carbon air filter | chemical filter application places:

    Widely used in heavy pollution industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, etc., with obvious anti-virus and deodorizing effects

    Air purification and deodorization in underground places, leather factories, and animal breeding places

    Product features of activated carbon air filter produced by Dezhou Jingjiu Purification:

    1. The aluminum frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame, etc. can be used, and the thickness can be made according to customer requirements.

    2. The filter material is made of high-quality activated felt or activated carbon fiber.

    3. The good deodorizing effect, easy to use, and long filter life.