Tips for cleaning oil mist filter


    How to do a good job of cleaning the oil mist filter? If the oil mist filter is not cleaned for a long time, the filtration efficiency will be reduced, and even some failures of the oil mist filter will occur. What kind of problems should be paid attention to at this time? Learn the correct way to clean the oil mist filter. Here are some tips for cleaning the oil mist filter to help you clean the oil mist filter more easily.

    When cleaning the oil mist filter, you must pay attention to the time point. Cleaning at the right time node can make the cleaning work more efficient and effective. So how to determine the cleaning time? In fact, when determining the cleaning time, you need to first To understand the oil mist filter to a certain extent, know how large the volume of your oil mist filter is, then judge the amount of filtration work you need, and see when the volume of the oil mist filter can be used under the average workload. After reaching saturation, determine a reasonable cleaning frequency.

    In addition, you can also check the actual situation of the oil mist filter when the oil mist filter is filtering, for example, whether some values ​​inside the oil mist filter have relatively large fluctuations, or the filtering effect has been It's better to start, and you need to see if you need to clean the oil mist filter.

    Pay attention to correct cleaning methods and contraindications

    Of course, the correct method is also very important. Before cleaning, you should learn how to disassemble and clean the oil mist filter. For example, when disassembling, you should not disassemble it hard, but know the oil mist filter you are using. Where is the disassembly checkpoint? Before cleaning, you should visit the oil mist filter, and then wipe it with warm water. The water temperature used should not be too hot. Cleaning agents may be used when cleaning. The cleaning agents used must be relatively mild to prevent the oil mist filter from being damaged by cleaning agents with too strong acid and alkali.

    The oil mist filter definitely needs to be cleaned, but in the process of cleaning, you also need to learn the correct cleaning method. You must know that the wrong cleaning method may cause the oil mist filter to be directly damaged and cannot continue to be used in the filtering work.