Types of Mid-efficiency bag filters


    Mid-efficiency bag filter, an intermediate filter that can be applied to the central air-conditioning filter system, can also be used as a terminal filter in places where the air cleanliness is not strictly required to directly deliver the treated air to the user. So, what are the common medium-efficiency bag filter materials?

    We all know that the filter material in the air filter plays a major role in filtering. The difference in the filter material results in the same filtering efficiency. In the medium-efficiency bag filter, it is divided into F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, and other levels, each of which corresponds to filter cotton with different filtration efficiency. In fact, most of the medium-efficiency bag filter materials are non-woven fabrics.

    Medium efficiency bag filter

    The filter material of most medium-efficiency bag filters is non-woven fabric, which is divided into three layers of PP material, melt-blown fabric, and polyester fiber cotton (two-component melt-blown). The role of each layer is interlocking, and the role of PP material is to protect the melt-blown layer from damage. The melt-blown layer is very soft, without PP material protection, it is easy to hang and be damaged. If the melt-blown layer is damaged, the medium-efficiency bag will fail.

    The melt-blown layer is the guarantee of efficiency. The stronger the melt-blown ability to absorb dust particles, the higher the efficiency. In the process of storage and use, static electricity will continue to be lost, and the efficiency will gradually decrease. The stronger the ability of the melt-blown material to retain static electricity, the longer the service life. After the static electricity is lost, the melt-blown layer will fail or fail to achieve the desired effect. Need to be replaced.

    The role of polyester fiber cotton (two-component melt-blown) is to absorb large-diameter dust particles, and the parameters of the line tube include dust holding capacity, thickness, etc., if there is no polyester fiber cotton interception, large-diameter dust particles are directly Adsorbed on the melt-blown layer, it will block the melt-blown layer, rapidly increase the resistance, and make the medium-efficiency bag invalid.

    Different grades of medium-efficiency bag filters have different filtration efficiencies, mainly because the efficiencies of melt-blown cloth are different from each other. In addition, the medium-efficiency bag filter will have non-woven fabric + needle cotton as the filter material, but this type of filtration efficiency level is not high, and generally can only reach the level of F5~F6.