What are the advantages of activated carbon filter cotton?


    As an excellent adsorbent, activated carbon can effectively remove peculiar smells in the air, and it is very effective and cost-effective to use purified air in some special industries. When the previously activated carbon was used to remove toxic pollutants and odors in the air, it was mainly carried out in its original state. Although the effect is there, it is not large enough and not effective enough.

    Activated carbon filter cotton mainly uses pore structure aluminum honeycomb, plastic honeycomb, and paper honeycomb as the main carrier, which can better achieve the purpose of removing toxic components and peculiar smell in the air. The advantages of this filter cotton are specifically introduced below:

    1. Improved aerodynamic performance

    The honeycomb-shaped pore structure can maximize the increase in the contact area. In this case, the effect of aerodynamics is very obvious.

    2. The adsorption efficiency is improved

    To increase the adsorption efficiency of activated carbon, the most important thing to do is to increase the adsorption area. Only a larger area of ​​contact can ensure the improvement of adsorption efficiency. The activated carbon filter cotton uses a cellular honeycomb as a carrier, which is to increase the contact area between activated carbon and air.

    3. The drag coefficient is small

    After using the carrier, there is actually another advantage that the activated carbon filter cotton can minimize the problem of insufficient contact area caused by wind resistance.

    Activated carbon filter cotton is widely used in the treatment of toluene, xylene, benzene, and other benzene, phenols, alcohols, esters, and organic gases such as aldehydes and malodorous gases. It can well absorb and concentrate the toxic and malodorous gases inside, and by purifying these toxic and malodorous gases, so as to ensure that the emitted gas is no longer odorous and toxic.