What factors influence the service life of HEPA filters?


In the air purification industry, more and more clean rooms, production workshops will be applied to improve the cleanliness of the air HEPA filters. However, in use, we often find that the service life of HEPA filter is not as long as expected, so what factors affect the service life of HEPA filter?

1. Whether the installation of the front-end filtering system is reasonable

If the front filter use efficiency is too low, will cause a lot of more than 0.3 micron dust particles were not filtered out, and the high efficiency filter efficiency is higher, the large size of the dust accumulates on the surface of the filter, so that it can lead to resistance and high efficiency filter, which reduces the service life and high efficiency filter.

2. The actual use of air volume is too large

All HEPA filters have a rated air capacity, and if the supply air exceeds this rating, it is easy to cause dust particles to pass through the filter paper, resulting in the decrease of filtration efficiency. Although this situation does not cause blockage of the filter, it will still cause the filter to be scrapped in advance.

3. The actual wind speed is too high

The operating wind speed of the filter used in the cleaning equipment in the dust-free workshop is between 0.36-0.4m/s in the actual use. If the actual wind speed exceeds the sub-range, its principle is the same as that of the above excessive air volume, which makes it easy for dust particles to penetrate the filter material, thus reducing the efficiency of the filter and making it scrapped in advance.

4. Environmental conditions under which filters are placed

Dust-free oil injection workshop, this workshop is very heavy dust, too much dust is easy to accumulate on the filter, increase the filter resistance, easy to cause filter blockage; In addition, if the environment of the filter is too humid, it is easy to glue the dust in the air together and block the filter paper. In addition, the overly wet environment makes the filter paper of the HEPA filter vulnerable to damage. In addition, if the workshop contains hydrofluoric acid, and the workshop is not a fresh air system, this environment is easy to cause damage to the filter paper.