What is a ULPA filter?


    Features of ultra-high efficiency filter: Ultra-high efficiency filter provides a variety of configurations suitable for strict cleaning requirements such as clean rooms, dust-free workstations, clean workbenches, and FFU windmill filter sets. The air volume of the filter of the mini-fold series, The initial pressure loss, and the dust collection effect are much better than the partition type HEPA filter. The mini folding design is intended to extend the service life of the filter and reduce the pressure loss. Due to the needs of industrial characteristics in the selection of consumables, our company can also provide low-boron filter materials to manufacture terminal filters that meet customer needs.

    Ultra-high efficiency filter efficiency: tested according to the European standard EN1822, that is, the particle concentration above and below the filter screen is tested. The HEPA grade efficiency is from 95 to 99.999% through 0.3um, and the ULPA grade efficiency is from 99.999 to 99.999999% through 0.1 to 0.2 um.

    Ultra-high efficiency filter material: the filter material is assembled into the frame by ultra-fine glass fiber through folds, and the filter paper is separated by hot melt glue, which will not release chemical pollution to the cleanroom so that the air can pass through the filter with the lowest pressure loss network.

    Ultra-high efficiency filter outer frame: The inner side of the outer frame is sealed with sealant to prevent gaps and leakage of the filter material. The aluminum extruded frame is anodized to increase the hardness and durable corrosion resistance. Sealed with PU glue on the aluminum extruded frame to achieve complete air tightness and no leakage.

    Ultra HEPA filter can provide a wide range of filtration efficiency:


    Efficiency EN1822 standard MPPS efficiency


    99.95% (H13)




    99.9995% (U15)





    All ultra-high efficiency filters are tested with strict testing methods before leaving the factory to ensure that the filters meet the required specifications.

    All ultra-high-efficiency air filters need to be tested for leaks, and the ultra-high-efficiency filters use PSL particles, and the total efficiency of the laser particle counter is determined according to the IES-RP-CC034-1 standard.