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Air filter cotton is the filter material for the filter, air filter cotton is divided into pre-filteration media, Non Woven Fabric, paint stop fiberglass filter media, Activated carbon filter media. Most of the primary filter cotton is synthetic fiber filter cotton, which is the common primary filter. Next, take you to understand the four air filter cotton material.
Air filters are widely used in commercial electrical appliances, automobiles, rail transit, aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, biological engineering, and other fields to provide cleaner air. So how does the air filter the air?
In the air purification industry, there are four types of filter materials for air filters, namely synthetic fiber filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, non-woven fabric, and activated carbon filter cotton.
With the improvement of automobile manufacturing technology, many automobile manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for automobile supporting production workshops.
In order not to affect the normal development of operating rooms in clinical hospitals, high-efficiency air filters need to be replaced regularly.
Professional air purification systems generally have three air filters. The air inlet pre-filter is also called the primary filter, which mainly filters dust particles above 5um in the air.
HEPA filters are mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended solids above 0.5um, as the end filter of various filtration systems.
With the improvement of product grades and GMP standards of food companies, the demand for air in production processes is increasing.
Today, semiconductor chip factories are the most critical of the cleanliness of the production environment, and they have the most demanding requirements for air filters.

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