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Paint filter paper is also known as a V-type dry filter paper, organ spray cabinet filter, etc. It is a new type of environmentally friendly product used in dry spray booths.
FFU is widely used equipment in filter equipment, but many people don't know what FFU is? In fact, it is a fan filter device, which is mainly used in fan equipment or central air conditioning systems to achieve the ideal purification effect.
Air Filter (air filter) refers to the air filter device, generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories, and clean rooms, or used for dust prevention of electronic mechanical communication equipment.
Are you familiar with the PP filter element? Then we will give you a specific introduction to the role and characteristics of the PP filter element. We hope that through our introduction, we can bring you some help.
The air filter is actually a kind of air filtering device, which is more used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories, and clean rooms, and also used for dust prevention of electronic mechanical communication equipment.
There are three types of air filter screens: glass fiber filter paper, asbestos fiber filter paper, and synthetic fiber filter paper. The products can be divided into (with partitions, no partitions, high efficiency, large air volume, high efficiency, sub-efficient, high temperature, and high efficiency), and the outer frame has ( Aluminum alloy frame, galvanized frame, wooden frame, etc.).
With the improvement of people's living standards, now basically every household can own a car. People attach great importance to automobiles, and people are increasingly demanding air quality.
As an excellent adsorbent, activated carbon can effectively remove peculiar smells in the air, and it is very effective and cost-effective to use purified air in some special industries. When the previously activated carbon was used to remove toxic pollutants and odors in the air, it was mainly carried out in its original state. Although the effect is there, it is not large enough and not effective enough.
When the air filter starts to accumulate dust during use, the resistance of the air filter increases more slowly, and the increase of resistance increases with the increase of dust accumulation.
In recent years, the development of high-efficiency filter cotton filter media for paint baking rooms has been rapid. There are not only domestically developed new filter media, but also foreign imported filter media.
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