How to choose an activated carbon filter?


    What is an activated carbon filter? How to choose an activated carbon filter? These problems have been plagued by various manufacturers. Today, we asked the professional activated carbon filter manufacturer to popularize the selection method of activated carbon filter for everyone.

    Activated carbon filters are divided into many types, such as carbon bricks, granular carbon, coal-based carbon, honeycomb carbon, etc., all filter materials are urethane with activated carbon particles. Activated carbon particles with excellent adsorption capacity are put into the urethane foam and compressed into a sheet-shaped adsorbent. Urethane foam is a porous and loose structure, so it has strong air permeability and can make the activated carbon particles fully contact the adsorbed substance. The special activated carbon air filter has the characteristics of the wide contact surface and fast adsorption speed.

    How to choose a high-quality activated carbon filter?

    1. Pay attention to the clean air output ratio

    What is the clean air output ratio? As the saying goes, the amount of fresh air supply. Generally speaking, the greater the clean air output ratio, the higher the purification efficiency of the activated carbon filter. A high-quality activated carbon filter must ensure that the indoor air reaches a certain number of air changes, that is, the CADR value. According to international standards, at least five air changes per hour. This is also the current standard for indoor air cleanliness.

    2. Pay attention to the service life of activated carbon air filter

    Because the cost of activated carbon is relatively high, the life span is very important. We must choose a reasonable type of activated carbon to achieve its maximum effect. The first thing to consider is the contact surface and contact point of the activated carbon.

    3. Pay attention to the practicality of activated carbon air filter

    When purchasing an activated carbon filter, you should understand the purification needs of your company in advance, and choose an activated carbon filter for these needs. Many companies start to purchase without design considerations. After the installation is completed, they find that the purification area of ​​the activated carbon filter does not match the actual area that needs to be purified. In the end, they can only repurchase or take other remedial measures, which is time-consuming and laborious. Spent money. Must pay attention

    The above is some of the experiences of activated carbon filter manufacturers to everyone. I hope to provide some useful help to those companies who are purchasing activated carbon filters. If you want to learn more about activated carbon filters, please continue to pay attention to Rtfilter .com.