Deep pleated HEPA filter

Deep pleated HEPA filter

  • Model NO. H4
  • Price:US $ 40.00-50.00 / pieces
  • Minimum order quantity:10 pieces
  • Accept Min order:No
  • Supply Ability:500 pieces / Week
  • Country of Origin:Guangzhou,China
  • Stock Time:15 Days
Basic Information
Product Description

 Product Usage 
The deep pleated HEPA filter is divided into a paper clapboard high-efficiency filter, aluminum foil clapboard high-efficiency filter, and high-temperature resistant clapboard filter. Widely used in electronics, semiconductors, precision machinery, pharmaceutical, hospital food, and other industries to the cleanliness requirements of high civil or industrial clean place end filtration.


· strong frame materials, optional aluminum profiles, aluminum plates, galvanized iron, stainless steel, and wood frames, sealant strips, polyurethane foam sealants, EVA, EPDM, etc., aluminum partitions and paper partitions, can be installed without flange, single flange, double flange, etc., easy to install;

· the filter material is made of high-quality ultrafine glass fiber filter paper or artificial fiber paper;

· large dust capacity, large filter area, large air volume, high efficiency, humidity resistance up to 100%, long service life;

· corrugated aluminum separator or paper separator can accurately maintain fold spacing and maximize the use of filter material with minimum resistance.


ModelSize(mm)Rated Air Flow(m³/h)Initial resistance(Pa)Final Resistance(Pa)

Note: other specifications can be customized according to requirements

 Technical datasheet: 

 Temperature resistance 80℃
 Moisture resistance (relative   humidity) ≤ 100% RH
 Frame Aluminum alloy frame / stainless steel frame / galvanized iron frame   (thickness 150 mm,220 mm,292 mm).
 Separator type Aluminum partition / paper partition