Activated carbon combined filter

Activated carbon combined filter

  • Model NO. A-5
  • Price:US $ 15.00-20.00 / pieces
  • Minimum order quantity:10 pieces
  • Accept Min order:No
  • Supply Ability:500 pieces / Week
  • Country of Origin:Guangzhou,China
  • Stock Time:15 Days
Basic Information
Product Description

Product features:

· easy installation and maintenance, lightweight;

· the filter material has high carbon content, good adsorption effect and good air permeability, and low airflow resistance;

· it has a certain anti-corrosion effect on common solvents, weak acids, and weak bases;

· large filter area and long service life.

Product specification:

ModelLength(m)Width(m)Thickness(mm)filter area(m²)Initial resistance(Pa)Rated airflow(m³/h)

Note: other specifications can be customized according to requirements

Material properties

Filter materialActivated carbon filter cotton
Initial resistance 50Pa
Final resistance  250Pa
Temp.short peaks≤120℃
Moisture resistance (relative humidity)≤80%RH