• Model NO.: K-4
  • Price:US $ 599.00-999.00 / pieces
  • Minimum order quantity:10 pieces
  • Accept Min order:No
  • Supply Ability:100 pieces / Month
  • Country of Origin:Guangzhou,China
  • Stock Time:15 Days
Basic Information
Product Description

Product features:

· box body material: the box body can be made of high-quality aluminum zinc plate or stainless steel plate;

· fan device: FFU special high-efficiency direct-drive centrifugal fan with small vibration and stable operation.

Low noise and maintenance-free, with a working life of more than 50,000 hours;

· air filtration device: equipped with HEPA filter without or with partition produced by our company, the filtration efficiency is: H13

(MPPS) to ensure the purification level;

· control system: electronic board visual display control, three-speed adjustment;

· parameter standard: noise level ≤58dB, average surface wind speed 0.45m/s±20%, air volume 1000m3/h,

Power: 130W, AC 220V/50hz;

· airflow uniformity: guide plate designed in accordance with the principle of airflow fluid is adopted to ensure the airflow uniformity reaches 10%-20%;

· other configuration: the primary filter installation can be provided, which requires the customer's request, but the installation of the primary filter is not recommended; a Group control system can be provided.

Using range:

Suitable for all kinds of clean rooms from class 100 to class 100 000, and can be assembled into the ultra-clean production line, clean worktable, clean shed, dust-free closet, etc.

Product specification:

Appearance size(W*D*H)570*570*285mm1170*570*285mm1170*1170*285mm
air velocity(m/s)0.3-0.80.3-0.90.3-0.8
air flow(m³/s)350-900700-21002000-4500
filter efficiency(%)≧99.99%   ≧0.5μm
sourceAC 220V、50HZ
panelA. aluminum zinc plate B. stainless steel frosted plate C. cold plate spray
high-efficiency filter570*570*69mm1170*570*69mm1170*1170*69mm

Note: other specifications can be customized according to requirements