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In the air purification industry, in order to maintain air cleanliness in high-temperature environments, air filter manufacturers have developed high-temperature resistant filters.
The high-temperature filter is usually used for air purification in the warm-air type high-temperature grill box and spray factory high-temperature grill box air purification.
The primary effect paper frame filter is mainly suitable for filtering particles with a diameter of 5μm. The filter material is made of domestic non-woven fabric, glass fiber, and synthetic fiber through the special blending of imported polyester fiber, wedge-shaped folding shape to enlarge the filter area, and high-strength cardboard frame to make a plate structure.
A V-type HEPA filter is a device that must be installed in clean workshops. The clean workshop is in operation. It relies on air filters of various efficiency levels to collect fine particles in the air and keep the atmosphere clean in the room.
When the final resistance reaches 2-4 times the initial resistance, the differential pressure gauge will give an alarm and the air filter should be cleaned or replaced.
What is a mini pleated HEPA filter? It is mainly used to purify the air-conditioning system and the end filtration of local purification equipment to filter the particulate dust larger than 0.1~0.5μm in the atmosphere.
Wind speed is one of the most important factors for the effectiveness of air filters. In daily use, we will say that the lower the wind speed, the better the filtering effect! The following is a brief analysis of this concept:
The coarse-effect filter is the primary filtration of the air-conditioning system. It is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm.
The HEPA filter is mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended solids below 0.3um.
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