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If 5mm dust is mixed into the paint layer, the human eye can see the defects caused by the dust.
The bag-type medium-efficiency filters are F5 filter, F6 filter, F7 filter, F8 filter, F9 filter, and the effect of using these different bag filters will be different.
The nose of a car-air filter: The air filter of a car is equivalent to a human nose. It is the first "checkpoint" through which air enters the engine. Its function is to filter out sand and some suspended particles in the air.
We often use HEPA filters, but what is the principle of why the HEPA filters adopt this shape? Today, the editor will introduce the design history of the HEPA filter.
The primary air filter is mainly used for the primary filtration in the air conditioning system, mainly for the filtration of particles above 5 microns, dust, and various suspended solids. It has the characteristics of large air volume, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, and long service life.
What is an activated carbon filter? How to choose an activated carbon filter? These problems have been plagued by various manufacturers. Today, we asked the professional activated carbon filter manufacturer to popularize the selection method of activated carbon filter for everyone.
One of the necessary conditions for the cleanroom to reach the cleanliness level-the the cleanliness of the air supply.
Air filters are divided into four types: coarse efficiency, medium efficiency, sub-efficient, and high efficiency. Different numbers of air filters are installed in a pipe according to the air volume.
For the basic requirements of the ultra-high efficiency filter for the construction of the biosafety laboratory, the environmental parameters are as follows. Compared with the outside of the laboratory, the inside of the laboratory maintains a negative pressure.
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