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Those who are familiar with filters know that air filters are divided into primary, medium, and high-efficiency levels according to their filtration efficiency, and the filter materials corresponding to different levels of filters are also the same.
Activated carbon filters are flat chemical filters, or chemical air filters; different from general air filters, activated carbon air filters can remove gas pollutants in the air (such as disturbing odors, corrosive gases, and toxic gases), and are effective To improve indoor air quality (IAQ), protect people's health and improve product quality,
The primary filter is suitable for the primary filtration of the air conditioning system, mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm.
G2-F5 washable synthetic fiber plank pre-filter is a kind of filter material that can be replaced by itself to save the purchase cost of the user. It has the advantages of detachable, washable, and reusable.
The primary air filter is suitable for pre-filtration of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems, pre-filtration of large air compressors, clean return air systems, pre-filtration of local high-efficiency filtration devices, and pre-filtration of high-temperature air filters.
Plastic frame V-bank filter is generally made of moisture-proof, ultra-fine glass fiber or PP material, which is suitable for high humidity environment or variable air volume ventilation and air-conditioning system.
High-temperature-resistant filters are mainly used to filter tar, soot, dust, and other particles generated in high-temperature sterilization tunnels or high-temperature drying rooms of pharmaceutical factories.
Mid-efficiency bag filter, an intermediate filter that can be applied to the central air-conditioning filter system, can also be used as a terminal filter in places where the air cleanliness is not strictly required to directly deliver the treated air to the user.
In the air purification industry, HEPA filters have a very important impact on the filtering effect of clean rooms, so the leak detection of HEPA filters is very important.
As the country attaches importance to the ecological environment, activated carbon is also playing an increasing role.
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