Welding smoke purifier
Welding smoke purifier
Welding smoke purifier

Welding smoke purifier

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US $ 299.00-399.00 / pieces
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10 pieces
Supply Ability:
100 pieces / Month
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Stock Time:
15 Days
Welding smoke purifier is developed for poly tetrachloroethylene treatment, widely used in various welding, polishing, cutting, grinding, and other processes to produce dust and dust purification, as well as recovery of rare metals, precious materials, etc. It is suitable for dedusting and dispersing the smoke.

Product features:

· small size, low noise, flexible movement, lightweight;

· the equipment has obvious power saving, low power, the strong air volume, and controllable air volume;

· the filtration effect of poly tetrachloroethylene is 99.9%, with long service life and 0.3-micron dust absorption Particles, eliminate the harm of fine dust particles to human body;

· the electronic control adopts over-current load protection device with simple structure, high safety, and easy operation; Configuration can be 360 Degree of movement of the universal suction arm, the suction arm is 2 meters long, can be removed from the smoke, greatly lift Higher dust collection rate;

· the special fireproof network inside the purifier has a longer service life for the air particle slag purifier, higher safety operating principle.

operating principle:

Welding smoke purifier produce negative pressure, smoke hood by smoking by flexible suction arm in cavity, slow velocity, large particles of dust, fine dust into the interior, through the separation purification purification filter cartridge, soot, locked in the filter surface, after purification, the air is being exhausted from fan, open timing pulse ash removal system to clean up.

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