Application of paint filter paper in the paint room


    Paint filter paper is also known as a V-type dry filter paper, organ spray cabinet filter, etc. It is a new type of environmentally friendly product used in dry spray booths.


    High filtering effect

    The paint filter paper is an environmentally friendly filter paper, which can make people no longer have water and no pollution when spraying oil or painting. Paint filter paper can effectively filter paints, oils, plastics, dyes, coatings, etc. It has a high filtration effect, which can reach 99.99% filtration.

    Improve the working environment

    The V-type dry paint filter paper achieves the purpose of separating and adsorbing toxic air and substances by letting the paint mist accumulate at different levels under the action of the airflow so that the environment of the painting workplace is improved.

    Easy to use

    After the paint filter paper is saturated, it can be directly removed and replaced with a new paint filter paper, which is simple and convenient.


    The air permeability of paint filter paper is also very good. It has a uniform and stable precision and is not easy to leak.

    Paint mist filter paper is a material with high filtration concentration for spray paint booths. It adopts environmentally friendly filter paper; it eliminates water in the spray/paint and reduces the pollution index to a minimum. Its filter material characteristics are fully displayed With this, it can filter paints, such as epoxy resin, asphalt, Teflon, dyes, paint mist, etc., with a filtering effect of more than 99.99%.

    The appearance of the paint mist filter paper is V-shaped, and there are circular holes at the V-shaped groove. This structure is conducive to better absorption of paint mist, but if we put a layer of filter cotton on the surface of the paint mist filter paper, the effect will be To achieve the best.

    This conclusion is due to feedback from many users. When the filter paper is not added with filter cotton, especially in the spray booth with high concentration, a large area of ​​paint mist will quickly condense on the surface of the paint mist filter paper. The filter paper is blocked and its service life is reduced.

    But when we add filter cotton to the surface? The filter cotton plays the role of guards first and foremost. Before the paint mist is filtered to the filter paper layer, the large particles of paint mist are blocked out, and the small particles of paint mist enter the paint mist filter paper so that the filtering effect is better. And to ensure the service life of the paint mist filter paper. Due to the low cost of filter cotton, the frequency of replacement can be increased to ensure the use of time and filtration efficiency of the filter paper.