Detailed cleaning method of the air filter


    Air filters are divided into four types: coarse efficiency, medium efficiency, sub-efficient, and high efficiency. Different numbers of air filters are installed in a pipe according to the air volume. The filter section is installed in the central air conditioning system to send indoor air. Dust particles are filtered out. In order to achieve high-quality indoor air. How to clean the air filter in detail in daily life?

    For the air filter, the operator must understand the specific cleaning part when cleaning. Under normal circumstances, the cleaning of the air filter mainly includes the surface cleaning of the unit and the cleaning of the internal and initial effects and other different types of filters. The main tools for cleaning the air filter include rags, troughs, detergent, and corresponding stainless steel. When using detergent, you should choose some neutral products, because such products will not have a certain impact on the equipment during daily use. If a stainless steel frame is prepared at the same time, it is relatively simple when placing the air filter.

    Of course, at this time, you should also have an understanding of the specific situation. If the surface of the filter is not very dirty, then a simple method should be used at this time. You can take the air filter directly outdoors, use a clean compressed air device, and perform double-sided blowing. After the blowing is completed, it should be spread on the shelf and the corresponding equipment should be dried. However, in the process of drying, it should be turned over in time. The main purpose is to ensure that each side can be dried without dampness.

    If the surface of the air filter is dirty, then, in this case, you need to use water for cleaning. When using clean water to rinse, it should be done until it is clean. If the surface of the unit is dirty, how to clean the air filter is a problem that many people are very concerned about. It is mainly this way, and the corresponding difficulty is higher when cleaning.

    In view of this situation, wipes should be used when cleaning, and the air-conditioning box, as well as the corresponding surfaces and auxiliary pipelines, and meters should be cleaned in many aspects every day. In this way, the equipment can be clean and bright. You can wipe the oil and glue on the equipment with a rag.

    The above is about the detailed cleaning of the air filter. If you want to know more about the air filter, you can pay attention to Guangzhou Rongteng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.