Effect of the air filter efficiency of three factors


    With the development of industrial technology, air filters are used more and more times, and the scope of use is more extensive. Whether it is industrial production or our living environment, it is closely related to air filters. So in the application of the air filter, what factors can affect the use of the air filter?

    In fact, there are three main points that affect the use of air filters.
    1. Air resistance
    Air resistance is an important factor affecting the primary filter. Because the filtration accuracy of the primary filter is not high, the resistance is usually low to maintain the maximum ventilation. If the resistance of the air filter increases, more dust will be inhaled and adhered to the primary filter, which will hinder the air entering the air filter system, resulting in reduced air volume and lower working efficiency of the air filter system.
    2. Wind speed
    In general, the lower the wind speed of the primary filter, the higher the filtration efficiency. Why is this? Because when the wind speed is relatively low, the diffusion effect of dust and fine suspended particles in the air is more obvious. At the same time, the low wind speed is beneficial to prolong the time for the airflow to pass through the primary filter, and the more the suspended matter has the chance to hit the filter material, thereby achieving a better filtering effect.
    3. Filter area
    Influence of particle size. When the filter filters dust particles with a larger dispersion degree, under the combined effect of several filtering mechanisms, relatively small dust particles are first deposited on the filter fiber due to the diffusion effect. When the particle size increases from small to large, the diffusion efficiency gradually Weakened; larger particles are deposited under the action of interception and inertia, and the efficiency of interception and inertia gradually increases.
    The above is about the factors that affect the use of air filters. If you want to know more about air filters, you can consult us! We are a filter manufacturer specializing in the production of air filters, mainly producing primary efficiency filters, medium-efficiency bag filters, and high-efficiency filters, etc.