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Activated carbon sponge
Activated carbon sponge
Activated carbon sponge
Activated carbon sponge

Activated carbon sponge

Model NO.:
US $ 30.00-50.00 / pieces
Minimum order quantity:
10 pieces
Supply Ability:
500 pieces / Week
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
15 Days
Activated carbon is a kind of carbon adsorbent material with abundant pore structure and huge specific surface area. It has strong adsorption capacity, good chemical stability, high mechanical strength.

Product features:

· polyester foam cotton, which not only has the characteristics of general mesh sponge but also has the characteristics of small color change, high porosity, good air permeability, moisture resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, and high compressive strength;

· activated carbon powder is fused into the fiber with high adsorption;

· effectively filter dust, odor and organic pollutants in the air;

· dust removal, deodorization and filtration of air conditioning and air ventilation systems, and filtration of all kinds of organic waste gas;

· purification and adsorption of formaldehyde, toluene, and other harmful gases.

Product specification:

ModelsiteCarbon content%Benzene adsorption%    AirVelocity( m/s)

Note: other specifications can be customized according to requirements

Technical datasheet:

Adsorption objectVarious organic gases
Aperture range10~60PPI
Moisture resistance (relative humidity)≤80%RH
Temp.short peaks≤120℃
Flame-retardant gradeB1、B2 (GB/T 17591-2006)
Final resistance200Pa