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Multi-layer paint filter paper
Multi-layer paint filter paper
Multi-layer paint filter paper

Multi-layer paint filter paper

Model NO.:
US $ 20.00-30.00 / square meters
Minimum order quantity:
1000 square meters
Supply Ability:
60000 square meters / Week
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
15 Days
Using the principle of the influence of air pressure on the airflow: when the paint in the spray room or the paint room flows to the mesh filter paper under the action of air pressure, the filter paper will be affected by the air pressure, blocking the flow of the paint fog, so as to effectively absorb the paint and dust in the air.


· high filtration efficiency, fire resistance and anti-static;

· it has the comprehensive characteristics of less resistance loss, avoiding secondary pollution, simple replacement, clean working site, and good economic performance;

· its performance index is basically equal to imported JISEITAI and KAISHALTD


ParamDimensionMaterialFiltration efficiency
RT-P5A1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber45%-65%
RT-P5B1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber50%-70%
RT-H81M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber94%-98%
RT-H10 1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber92%-98%
RT-H10PB1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber99.2%-99.6%
RT-S6PA1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber98.5%-99.7%
RT-S6PB1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber97.5%-98.6%
RT-SH7A1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber99%-99.5%
RT-SH7B1M * 10 MFire-resistant fiber97.5%-98.5%

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